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Mike Hughes Jersey

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Commercial Employee Fleet Tracking Solution Helps Control Cost And Productivity For Your Company February 21 Harrison Smith Jersey , 2014 | Author: Clare Buckalew | Posted in Business
Companies that rely on the use of a large number of automobiles have to recognize the worth of commercial employee fleet tracking. These days, these businesses cannot do without this technology because it helps to provide an increase in productivity. You will be able to offer better service and manage costs so as to have a higher return on investment.

Fuel is one major expense of these kinds of businesses. Your bottom line can be negatively affected if costs are not controlled in this area. Once the GPS system is set up, wasteful driver habits like excessive idle times Kirk Cousins Jersey , unauthorized journeys and awkward routes can be identified. If these habits are restricted, mileage records can strat reducing.

A reduction in communication costs is possible as well. Constant communication with multiple units at various locations is a critical requirement for operating a fleet. This is done traditionally through text messages or phone calls and this result in large bills. The GPS system shows the accurate location of each unit which makes unnecessary to make these calls.

When drivers are informed that they are now being tracked, they are likely to work more efficiently. Jobs can now be completed quickly and more of the company’s customers will be satisfied within a short time. This increased customer satisfaction tends to bring in more jobs.

Vehicle tracking will ensure that the actual hours that are worked are recorded on time sheets. Manual timesheets usually have mistakes as well as inflated figures. Workers will not be able to inflate the time that is spent on the job because the hours are tracked automatically.

Commercial employee fleet tracking also sends out an alert when it is time to take the vehicles for routine servicing. Maintenance can now be carried out at the appropriate times and there will be little or no break downs. Overall Adam Thielen Jersey , this system enables efficiency to improve and business operations will be more beneficial.

Commercial employee fleet tracking by TrackerTEL Global Tracking Solutions can make your delivery system faster and more efficient. If you would like to know more about this innovative technology, visit us at http:www.gpstrackingnetwork today.

The specs and performance of some of the modern light bars are surely going to blow away. A few hundred dollars can get you reliability and classy performance in all sorts of emergencies, in a way you would have never imagined. A lot of this could be credited to the use of advanced technology in the design and operation of the emergency lights and the improvement in the quality of light emitting diodes. LEDs have been able to solve two really important problems in recent times. Firstly Stefon Diggs Jersey , they can produce maximised and impressive output that is quite useful in every emergency situation, whether it is to warn motorists, as a signal used by law enforcement officials or for emergency lighting in rescue and search operations.

The second impressive aspect of LEDs is that they offer this optimised output with low energy consumption and great versatility which further enhances their value and their utility. A standard light bar uses anywhere between a dozen to couple of dozen light heads. These include LED light heads as well as halogen lights in some cases. The mix also includes corner strobes of two different varieties Jalyn Holmes Jersey , the steady lighting models and those with built in flash patterns. The light bars are anywhere between 44 – 72 inches in length with the width more or less close to 12 inches. Impressively the height without the mounting feet is below 3 – 5 inches, for aerodynamic stability when mounted on vehicle roof tops.

The light bars are specifically designed to enhance all round visibility. They can do so with staggered lighting and options such as front bar, rear bar and full bar operational control Brian O'Neill Jersey , depending on the requirement. This allows you to use just a few lights especially when you want to send out a strong directional light in one direction. Operational control is further enhanced with an LED illuminated switch panel with push button, slide position and rotary switches for different operations like turning the power supply on or off, altering the flash pattern or operating specific strobes mounted on the light bar. There are knobs too in advanced light bars that allow you to control the actual intensity of the light Daniel Carlson Jersey , the beam angle and beam temperature. Beam temperature monitoring systems help in making the lights even more efficient.

High quality light bars usually come with LED linear modules and light heads which have optic spreading filters. This helps in extending the light horizontally and vertically based on the requirement. There are bars with split centre section modules too with 6 – 12 Gen IV LEDs that are capable of providing high luminosity. The mounting hardware includes driver and passenger side cables, clamps and suction cups. The modular design of modern bars is such that accessing any component is possible by removing just 4 screws. The chassis needs a special mention too, made of black composite nylon Mike Hughes Jersey , polycarbonate or extruded aluminium. These lend structural support and vibration resistance while affecting good thermal management as well.

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