for fans to discuss which isregarded as a vital part of fo

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for fans to discuss which isregarded as a vital part of fo

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By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, March 1 (Xinhua) -- German referees are satisfied withthe way recent tests have gone to prevent wrong decisions infootball in the near future by using video technology.

"We're convinced that we can avoid the majority of the biggestwrong decisions in football in the future by using the videoassistant system," said the former FIFA referee and director ofofficials at the German Football League (DFL) Helmut Krug afterintensive testing in games involving youth teams.

In order to make professional football fairer, the GermanFootball Association (DFB) and the league management have recentlystarted tests in collaboration with the game' s governing body FIFAand the International Football Association Board (IFAB). From the20172018 season, the German Bundesliga will use the system inevery league game.

On behalf of the country's referees, Krug expressed satisfactionas, "recent testing has shown that we can avoid up to 75 per centof the most obvious mistakes and at the same time give support tothe referees. In future, there will be less pressure on thereferees because they know there's someone in the background readyto help."

The German league has set up a "broadcast center" in Colognewhich will be in direct contact with the referees on the pitch.While games are played additional referees located in Cologne willtake a look at live video scenes and keep the referee on the pitchupdated when a correction is needed by using six different camerapositions.

A new decision can be made within the space of ten to 40 secondspreventing therefore long stoppage to play. If the video-assistantsare not totally sure, a special supervisor will be on hand help tomake a final decision. The referee on the pitch can view the scenein question as it will be played on a small screen at the sidelinein the stadium.

There are only four situations when the video evidence will comeinto play - when it has to be decided to award a goal or not, whena penalty has to be given or refused, when the referee decides tosend off a player or when a red card should be given for a foul notseen by the on-the-pitch referee.

Several incidents in Bundesliga games have enforced theacceptance of the new system among fans, coaches and players.Recently Borussia Moenchengladbach's striker Lars Stindlunintentionally used his right arm to score a goal and RB Leipzigstriker Timo Werner was accused of diving to get a penalty.

In a recent survey conducted by the pay-TV channel "sky" , 76per cent of those asked were positive about the new system while 24per cent still had concerns. Tests have shown that on average, oneto six situations per game will come under closer scrutiny.

Most club officials in the Bundesliga support the system.Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the Bayern Munich CEO says, "We need moresecurity. After all, one goal or one point can decide if a clubreaches the Champions League."

Krug made it clear that the final decision will be made by thereferee on the pitch. He will indicate through special gesture thathe is in contact with the broadcast center in Cologne by outlininga screen in the air or pointing with his finger to his ear.

"We've decided to place the video assistant all on one spot toensure decisions are made on an equal basis for everybody involvedand that we don't cause new problems because decisions are madewith a different approach. We have to speak with one voice," Krugemphasized. "We can't solve every questionable situation sothere'll still be plenty of things for fans to discuss which isregarded as a vital part of football's attraction," he added.

The Bundesliga's managing director Christian Seifert alsoexpressed his support for the new system. "We claim to have thebest referees in the world. Therefore, it will be extremely helpfulto use video technology," the chief of the German football leagueSeifert said.

After the hawk-eye goal line system, which was implemented inthe Bundesliga in the 20152016 season, video evidence will be thesecond technical support used in German football.

On March 28, Felix Zwayer will be the first German referee touse the technology in an official match when the 35-year old takescharge of the friendly between France and Spain in the Stade deFrance in Paris. Enditem

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