Where to sell analog audio gear?

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Where to sell analog audio gear?

Messagede kevinmanuel » Mar 27 Mar 2018 09:11


I'm cleaning out the basement and have found a fairly large stash of various amplifiers, receivers, and other analog audio gear, mostly Denon, Yamaha, Kenwood. I've googled trying to find how much they're worth, but some of it is so scarce I have no idea how to price it and where to sell it.I dislike eBay cause they've screwed me in the past and they charge their fee on the shipping cost too which is unethical. I've considered craigslist and Facebook marketplace so that I don't have to ship it. I'm in the Philadelphia area, is that a big enough market? Are there any other places on the web specific to audio gear? Is there a place here that I could post to sell stuff?

Please help.

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https://www.soundonsound.com/forum/view ... 15&t=59552
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