ETA Dynaform 5.9.4 Build 2019.03.21 Win64-SSQ

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ETA Dynaform 5.9.4 Build 2019.03.21 Win64-SSQ

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ETA Dynaform 5.9.4 Build 2019.03.21 Win64-SSQ


ETA Dynaform 5.9.4 Build 2019.03.21 Win64-SSQ | 670 MB

The R.A.M package gives you the ability to automatically create very advanced rivers and lakes with a map of the flow direction, shapes and textures of the river bed. The shader generates several cascade types on the slope of the grid. You simply drag the river material into the grid or you can create it using our modern spline tool with the profile system, and the flow is ready.
The Spline tool can even create a simple road ??� see our sample images. With all the sliders and options you have full control over each river stage, you can control: reflection, smoothness, speed, normal, tessellation, foam texture, shallow water, color depth, water depth, cascades and waterfalls and much more.
You can locally customize the river or mix it with other water systems with our vertex drawing tool. With FlowMap Painter and the system, you can simply change the local direction of the river to avoid rocks, etc. A shader can generate stylized or realistic rivers, swamps, it all depends on the user??�s settings ?????� there are many examples in the package. Reflections come from the Reflection Probe.
The asset contains HQ ground textures with the perfect combination of heights, best used for our shader landscape CTS ??� Complete Terrain Shader. Particles and road textures are also included. The package is also suitable for shading fountains, as we show in the video, and supports floating island structures.
The Simulate option generates a whole river from 1 point, analyzes shapes, colliders and creates the most accurate river. The Flowmap object and the vertex colorist allow you to create floating islands with waterfalls and the correct movement of water. Our script and shaders allow automatic wetting when an object hits the surface of a spline.
The package is compatible with road systems ??� EasyRoads, etc., World Creator River Systems, Vegetation Studio and Vegetation Studio Pro.
Year / Release Date: 03/08/2019
Version: 1.6.1
Developer: Nature Manufacture
Developer website: Asset Store
Digit capacity: 64bit
Interface Language: English
Tabletka: not required
System requirements: 5.6.2 or higher


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